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        Interpretation is an important project of modern translation company, which is widely used in many occasions, such as conference, tourism, diplomacy and so on?


        Have solid basic language skills, including correct pronunciation and intonation of English, standard use of words, fluent oral English, proper command of stress, which can reflect the rhythm beauty of English; have a high level of native language training, use Mandarin freely, which can reflect the sound and rhyme beauty of Chinese; have a clear voice, proper use of voice and body language.


        Know more, see more and learn more. Be determined to master encyclopedia knowledge and be a "walking dictionary".


        Have a strong sense of patriotism and responsibility, be familiar with the party's and state's policies and guidelines, have a quick mind and strong adaptability.


        Interpretation work can be accurate, smooth, fast, and easy to deal with, with changes in behavior, and without noise.


        Dress neatly, pay attention to hygiene, pay attention to politeness, have good civilized habits.


        The above is for you to share the content, hope to help you!

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