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      時間:2021-12-09 17:44:19 作者:管理員


        English is more and more widely used in the society, business English learning needs long-term accumulation and application, the following translation company small editor to let you know what the requirements of translators to do business English translation well?


        1、 Political ideas must be correct.


        We should have good political literacy, and be good at analyzing and researching the content of the translation with correct stand, viewpoint and method, so as to ensure that the translation accurately and appropriately conveys the ideas of the original text. For example, in business activities, there are often references to the mainland and Taiwan. In this regard, we must maintain a correct political concept and not deviate.


        2、 High sense of professional responsibility.


        A high sense of professional responsibility means that the translator must be serious, rigorous and responsible for what he or she does not understand or be familiar with.


        3、 Excellent English translation ability


        Excellent business English translation ability is fundamental, which requires business English translators to be proficient in Business English professional expression and interpretation and translation skills.


        4、 We should have a solid basic knowledge of Chinese.


        A solid basic knowledge of Chinese is conducive to the proper translation of business English meaning into easy to understand Chinese, which facilitates the communication between Chinese and foreign customers. It also requires excellent professional translators to play their own language conversion ability.


        5、 To have a strong level of knowledge and ability.


        The translator with higher knowledge level has rich experience in Business English translation and cognition of the language and culture of the relevant English speaking countries, such as clearly knowing the characteristics and habitual thinking of business negotiators in English speaking countries in the negotiation process.


        6、 Should have strong application level ability.


        Application level competence is actually the translator's translation ability, mainly including language transformation, whether it can help foreign language learners better understand each other's expression.


        The above is to share with you the interpreter to do business English translation requirements, I hope to help you!

      China International Translation service Co., Ltd.

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